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warn when selected user lacks a barcode



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      Overview: Given a user must have a barcode to charge an item, warn when the selected used lacks a barcode.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into folio-snapshot as a user with permission to manage ui-circulation, manage users, create items, and to check out items
      2. Visit Settings > Circulation > Other settings, tick the Username checkbox, then click the Save button
      3. Visit Users, create an active user with a username but no barcode
      4. Visit Check out
      5. Click the New fast add record button to create an item; copy its barcode.
      6. Type the username into the "Scan or enter patron username" field, then click the Enter button
      7. Paste the item barcode into the "Scan or enter item barcode" and click the Enter button

      Expected Results: Upon entering the item barcode display a modal with the error message:

                 Item not checked out

                 User does not have a barcode. 

                 A user barcode is required to check out an item.

      Actual Results: A modal with the following:

      Item not checked out
      Could not find user with matching barcode

      Interested parties: hollyolepm, this came to me via a tester working on a bugfest case that was ... insufficiently specific about which fields were required on the patron record. Granted, there is a "Could not find patron" warning, but given that it comes after entering the item barcode, the context for "barcode" in that message is confusing, especially given that the user's barcode is an empty string.

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