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Date picker on circulation override cuts off after 4 weeks



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    • St. Michael's College, TAMU


      Overview: When overriding a non-circulating item for checkout staff must select a due date and time to assign to the loan. The date picker cuts off after 4 weeks, so if a month flows into a fifth week, the dates of that week are not accessible to assign to the loan.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/ as a user that can check out non-circulating items.
      2. In the checkout app, try to check out a non-circulating item.
      3. When the non-circulating message pops up, click override.
      4. Open the date picker to assign a due date.

      Expected Results: The date picker displays the whole month and the staff member can select any due date. 

      Actual Results: The due date picker displays the first 4 weeks of the month, but any days that fall in a fifth week are cut off. (See screenshot).

      Additional Information: Reported by St. Michael's College (Iris HF #1) and replicated on snapshot.

      Interested parties: sknight

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