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Permission "Check Out: View Requests" does not function as expected



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      The permission "Check Out: View Requests" does not function as expected. I cannot find any jiras or records to how it was spec'd, but as it stands I believe this is not working.

      I think that this is probably intended for a scenario where a logged-in FOLIO user has access to the Check Out app but does NOT have access to the Requests app. In those cases, this permission should allow the FOLIO user to look up a patron in checking out, see that they have requests, and then click on the link to view those requests, without getting access to the rest of the requests app.

      In this case (tested on 6-17-2021 on Snapshot,) I am logged in as a FOLIO user who has two permissions: "Check Out: All Permissions" and "Check Out: View Requests". I am viewing a user who has two open requests. I should see the number 2, and it should be a link to view those requests. Instead, all I see is a '-'


      Part of the issue may be that there is not a good way to make this permission work, because users requests don't open in a fourth pane like loans do. But regardless, this permission doesn't do anything and needs to be looked at.


      ETA: Based on conversations with Prokopovych POs, it appears this permission was added in Honeysuckle, though we still cannot find the Jira that defined its development.

      In the folio-honeysuckle reference environment, if I am logged in as diku_admin, the requests link work as expected. If I am logged in as a user who only has "Check Out: All Permissions" and no other permissions, the request link behaves like it does in Iris - only the dash appears, even if a user does have a request that should be counted. On folio-iris, if I just grant "Check Out: All Permissions," and don't grant "Check Out: View Requests," you get the same behavior - only the dash appears.

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