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Proxy not allowed to check out items for sponsor if proxy has patron block



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      EPAM-Veg Sprint 105, EPAM-Veg Sprint 106, EPAM-Veg Sprint 107
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      R1 2021


      Overview: A patron block only applies to the person who the block has been applied to. If the patron is acting as a proxy for another patron, any blocks in place for the proxy should not impact the proxy's ability to check out items for the sponsor.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/ as folio (admin).
      2. Create a manual patron block for an active test user (or find a user with an automated patron block in effect). I will call this user Patron A.
      3. Find another active test user, which we will call Patron B. Edit Patron B's User Information to make Patron A a 'proxy' for Patron B (who will be known as the 'sponsor').
      4. Now go to Check out and enter the barcode for Patron A (the 'proxy').
      5. First the 'Who are you acting as?' modal will appear asking if the patron is checking out the items for themselves or for someone who has sponsored them...
      6. Select Patron B, the person Patron A is acting as a proxy for...

        ...then press the Continue button.

      Expected Results:

      • Patron A is able to check out items for Patron B, because Patron B does not have a patron block. The patron block modal should not appear at all.

      Actual Results:

      • Patron A is blocked from checking out items for Patron B due to the patron block that Patron A has...

        ...and borrower information on the left has been cleared away.

      Additional Information:

      • On occasion I have noticed that the patron block modal appears first. This should not happen. The proxy modal should always appear first.

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