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Fast add permission (Check out)



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      Purpose: Libraries want to have separate permissions for fast add which they can give to circ staff who shouldn't have full create permissions in Inventory. Since Fast add is, ultimately, record creation in Inventory, the fast add permission will use the existing inventory CRUD APIs. In this case, the permission would just only give you access to the fast add ui. If you wanted access to CRUD via Inventory, you would need the Inventory permissions. If a user had fast add permissions, they could, if they wanted to (via curl script, for example) create full inventory records. This has been discussed and agreed with the RA SMEs and the Core Functional devs.

      User story statement(s):

      As a member of the circ staff,
      I want to be able to create a fast add record without having the ability to create records in Inventory
      so that I don't have more permissions that I should have (metadata management folks worry about circ staff creating records in Inventory)


      1. Scenario
        • Given User A has been given the permission "Fast add: Create" AND any permission or permission set providing access to the Check out app (e.g. "Check out: All permissions" and "Check out: Check out circulating items"). User A must also have at least one Service point selected in their user record (Service points accordion).
        • When User A accesses FOLIO
        • Then:
          • The Check out app should be visible in the top nav
          • The Fast add option should be available in Check out
          • User can create an Instance, Holding and Item in Inventory using the Fast add form
          • User will not be able to view the records they just created, unless they also have an Inventory permission that provides view access to inventory (e.g. "Inventory: View instances, holdings, and items")

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