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Link to check out notes in action menu



    • Core: F - Sprint 60, Core: F - Sprint 61
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      Purpose: Display check out notes from Inventory as the item is being checked out.

      Story: As a circulation staff member, I want to be reminded of procedures or special instructions for the item as I check it out, so that I have the most important information at hand.

      1. Scenario
        • Given an item that has been checked out, that has at least one check out note
        • When the user opens the actions menu
        • Then link to Check out notes (below Loan policy, above Change due date)
      2. Scenario
        • Given the open actions menu for an item that has been checked out, that has at least one check out note
        • When the user clicks Check out notes
        • Then display the check out note modal:
          • Header: Check out notes
          • Body:
            • <title of item> (<Material type>) (Barcode: <barcode of item>) has <number of check out notes> notes.
            • Table of notes, sorted by most recently added at the top out of scope, see UICHKOUT-496
              • Note (text of check out note)
              • Date (date and time added) out of scope, see UICHKOUT-496
              • Source (user who added the note) out of scope, see UICHKOUT-496
          • Controls:
            • Close

      Notes: The attached mockup shows the modal from UICHKOUT-488; the scenarios in this story slightly differ because the item is not being checked out during this interaction.

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