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Display modal when items go in transit



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      User story: As a circulation staff member, I need to be alerted when items go in transit, so that I don't shelve them by accident (and later, so I can print a staff slip with the destination).

      Purpose: Items are not always checked in at service points their locations are assigned to. When this happens, the item goes in transit to the primary service point assigned to its effective location (colloquially, "home location"), and its status indicates that it's not home yet. Staff members need to know where to send the item.


      1. Scenario
        • Given an item that is checked out with no pending requests with effective location A, and service point B which is not assigned to location A:
        • When that item is checked in at service point B
        • Then the system should display the In transit modal:
          • Modal title: In transit to home location
          • Modal text: Route <title of item> (Barcode: <barcode of item>) to <name of primary service point for effective location A>.
          • Modal interactions:
            • Print slip checkbox (out of scope) begins, but doesn't resolve. I can close out of it though
            • Close
              • n.b., differs from attached mockup
      2. Scenario
        • Given the in transit modal displaying upon scanning an item in the check in app
        • When the user clicks Close
        • Then the modal closes and user returns to check in history (see UICHKIN-17, UICHKIN-40)

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