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UI Permissions error when checking in items with fees



    • Prokopovych - Sprint 113, Prokopovych - Sprint 114
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    • R1 2021 Hot FIx #2
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      Update:  Approved as R1 2021 Hot Fix at Capacity Planning Team meeting on May 3, 2021. 

      When  a user with the specific permissions below set attempts to check in an item with any kind of lost item fees, the UI pops up a modal indicating there was an error because of a permission:


      Permissions set:

      Check in: All permissions
      Check out: All permissions
      Inventory: View instance records being suppressed for staff
      Inventory: View instances, holdings, and items
      Requests: All permissions
      Users: Can create new user
      Users: Can create, edit and remove fees/fines
      Users: Can create, edit and remove patron blocks
      Users: Can edit user profile
      Users: Can view permissions assigned to users
      Users: Can view proxies assigned to users
      Users: Can view service points assigned to users
      Users: Can view user profile
      Users: Create/reset password
      Users: User loans anonymize
      Users: User loans change due date
      Users: User loans claim returned
      Users: User loans declare lost
      Users: User loans mark claimed returned missing
      Users: User loans renew
      Users: User loans renew through override
      Users: User loans view
      Users: User loans view, edit, renew (all)
      Users: View requests

      Note that the screenshots below do not illustrate this issue-they are for other issues initially reported as part of this ticket that got spun off into their own issues.

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