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Print Hold Slip at Check In



    • Prokopovych


      Purpose: Initially, we'd like to rough-in this functionality for a hold slip (one type of staff slip). Long-term goal is to include functionality for different types of slips to be printed for staff workflow/routing purposes.

      Stories: As a circulation user, I want a slip to print automatically when an item is checked in if that item has been requested by another patron (and it's being checked in at the requested location). The slips are placed in the item and the item is placed on hold shelf.


      1. Scenario
        • Given User A has a hold or recall request on Item X User A's request is at the top of the request queue
        • When Item X is returned
        • Then:
          • Item status should change from "Checked out" to "Awaiting pickup" (this is already working)
          • Request status should change from "Open - Not yet filled" to "Open - Awaiting pickup" (this is already working)
          • Awaiting pickup for a request modal should display as shown in attached screenshot-2.png:
            • Title of modal: Awaiting pickup for a request
            • Body of modal: Place item <title of item> (<material type of item>) (Barcode: <barcode of item>) on hold shelf for request.
            • Controls:
              • Print slip - Checkbox, default checked
              • Confirm - Button, closes the popup
              • Should also be able to close popup by clicking X on popup window
      2. Scenario
        • Given the Awaiting pickup for request modal
        • When Print slip is checked AND Confirm is clicked
        • Then:
          • System print dialogue should appear
          • Hold slip should be displayed in preview (assuming print dialogue offers preview)
          • Preview for hold slip should match the format specified in Settings > Circulation > Staff slips > Hold
          • Data populating in hold slip preview should match that of User A and Item X (from scenario 1)
          • Slip can be printed by clicking "print" or similar from the system print dialogue
          • NOTE: Many SMEs want to avoid having to see and click print on the system print dialogue. In order to facilitate auto-printing without this step, users can leverage "kiosk mode". See docs for more info:

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