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Check-in: Refinement



    • Small < 3 days
    • Based on completed stories and mockups. Front-end time component needs to be developed.
    • XL < 15 days


      Purpose: Check-in (or discharge) a loaned item.


      As a circulation user, I want to check-in short-term items (e.g., equipment, rooms, and reserves) using their barcode (by scanning or entering) upon return from the patron so that they are processed as soon as possible. (Late fees/fines can accumulate by the minute on these items.)

      As a circulation user, I want to check-in long-term items (e.g., most books except reserves) in bulk periodically using their barcode (by scanning or entering):

      • When the library is opened, these items are returned by the patron at the desk and/or a bin and processed periodically as the current date and time.
      • When the library is closed, these items are returned by the patron using a bin outside of the library. The items are collected and processed upon the library’s opening as the prior the day (and night).
      1. Scenario:
        • Given a new session for items to be checked-in
        • Allow user to scan or enter a barcode and set a date/time and/or location for processing
        • Display the following user input fields as shown in the below linked mockups
          • Item barcode (scanning or entering manually) - this is already in place
          • Date (default is today, user can select a date before today)
          • Time (default is system time or now, user can select/specify a time before now)
          • Out of scope for this story:
            • Location (default is library location and processing center, i.e., circulation desk) - this field is based on user permissions whether or not is is shown and is available for user to change
      2. Scenario:
        • Given a check-in session
        • When an item’s barcode is scanned or entered manually by the user
        • Display the following as a table as shown in the below linked mockups
          • Headings in this order by default
            • Time returned (if a time other than 'now' is selected by the user, then that's the time shown here)
            • Title with material type in parenthesis
            • Barcode
            • Call number
            • Location/Owner
            • Status (i.e., Awaiting pickup, In transit for delivery)
            • Out of scope for this story:
              • Fee/Fine as Type and Amount Charged ((i.e., “Late - $2.00”)
          • Each checked in item as a row in the table
          • Row itself is not clickable
          • Ellipsis allows the user to take actions including:
            • Go to Loan details
            • Go to Patron details
            • Out of scope:
              • Change returned date/time
              • Reprint transit slip
              • Print patron receipt
              • Go to Fee/Fine details
      3. Scenario:
        • Given a check-in session
        • When the date and/or time or location is set to something other than today, now or a different location
        • Display should highlight the changed input fields (date and time) default
        • Out of scope: Location highlight
      4. Scenario:
        • Given the Time Returned column
        • When displayed for a checked in item
        • Then:
          • An info icon should display
          • Actual/real date/time processed should display as a pop-over on click. The pop-over component should be used for this feature.

      Out of Scope:

      • Item lookup or finding an item using anything other than barcode
      • Modals for holds, recalls, requests, piece counts, etc.
      • User configuration of table (which columns, what order, width of columns, etc.)
      • Outputs displayed in table
        • Fee/Fine
      • Inputs
        • Location

      Mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17pnGWfC86hBr6ntyzLajo5Aw8DvzD1lb?usp=sharing.

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