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Expense class does not appear on order when using order template



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      Overview: When using an order template, the expense class does not appear in the PO line, whether or not it is filled in as part of the template. It only appears after the PO line is saved. If the order template did not have an expense class filled in, this could present a workflow issue when trying to open the order.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/
      2. Make sure a budget on a fund has expense classes associated.
      3. Create an order template using that fund in the fund distribution accordion and selecting the appropriate expense class.
      4. Create an order using the template.
      5. Add a PO line to that order.

      Expected Results: The PO line will contain the fund distribution with the expense class field filled in according to the template.

      Actual Results: The fund code appears, but the expense class field does not appear. It appears after save, but you need to edit the PO line to change the expense class (or add one if your template did not have one in it already).

      Additional Information: Reported by Michigan State (Iris HF #1) and replicated on Snapshot - see video.
      Interested parties: mdriscoll Kay Granskog davidos2




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