User story:
      As a user who is assigning a location (permanent or temporary) to an item or holding
      I want to be able to type the location name or code in and have the system auto-complete on both
      So that I can quickly find the location I want to assign (it is assumed that many users will know the location names, codes or the code structure (e.g. "UC/ECA/MED/RESV")


      1. Scenario
        • Given the location selection textbox dropdown
        • When nothing has been selected
        • Then the following text should display, "Select permanent location" or "Select temporary location"
        • A-M: I think this is probably fine, but want someone to confirm it before we close the ticket. When creating a new holding, the ghost text is "Select location name or code." When creating a new item, the ghost text is "Select temporary location" (since permanent location would have been set in the holdings record. CB: Normally I would agree that this is fine, but since we are working on putting both permanent and temporary locations on both the holding and item records I think it would make sense to have the ghost text read either "Select permanent location" or "Select temporary location".
      2. Scenario
        • Given the location selection menu
        • When opened
        • Then a filter box should display above the menu options with the ghost text "Filter options list" A-M: lower-case "f" on "filter options list, but I'm assuming that's OK
      3. Scenario
        • Given the filter box
        • When I enter all or part of a location name or location code (from the location record, see UIORG-45)
        • Then the system will present the locations that match:
          • Locations should be displayed with names on the left and codes on the right as shown in the below linked mockups
          • Matching text should be displayed bold
          • Arrow keys may be used to scroll down the list
          • Selection is made using enter on the keyboard or with a mouse

      Mockup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dFyzpvXA1QtpgXkyK5vOuPWyHfUDLWl-/view?usp=sharing NOTE: Design has changed with approval from UX. No need to for FOLIO to follow the design exactly.

      Out of scope: Location lookup (see UIIN-120)
      Placement of "Cancel" and "Save & close" buttons on bottom right as seen in updated mocks (STSMACOM-96)

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