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Manually clearing out search should reset results



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      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into folio-snapshot
      2. Go to Inventory
      3. Search for 14
      4. Get 14 cows for america returned as a result
      5. Click the black X in the search field
      6. That clears out the search field and resets the search results (YAY)
      7. Search for 14 again
      8. Get 14 cows for america returned as a result
      9. Manually delete 14 from the search box

      Expected: Manually clearing out search terms should behave exactly like clicking that little black x in the box does. Namely, it should clear the search term only (not the filters) and the search results should reset accordingly.

      Actual: Clears out the search field but search results aren't reset. To add to the frustration, the reset button also becomes inactive and the little delete x in the field disappears.

      Additional info:

      • This is also a problem in Users search which is why I am filing this in a stripes project (not sure if this is right)
      • If you apply a search term and a filter, manually removing the search term shouldn't remove the applied filter (this is already working properly when you use the little x in the search box)
      • Using the "reset all" button below the search box should clear the search term AND the filters and that is working now

      Screencast: https://www.screencast.com/t/1yvUQValoiX

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