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Sometimes, a logged-in user has no service point assigned



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      When I log into https://orchid-dev1.folio-dev.indexdata.com/ as the user `mike`, the top-right menu shows that the user's service point is Circ Desk 1. And looking at the user's record at https://orchid-dev1.folio-dev.indexdata.com/users/preview/eb137644-4e1e-4485-b27c-b26fd351e270?query=mike&sort=name shows that the user has access to all three service points (Circ Desk 1, Circ Desk 2 and Online) and that the preferred SP is Circ Desk 1. (Also, it can be seen in https://orchid-dev1.folio-dev.indexdata.com/users/eb137644-4e1e-4485-b27c-b26fd351e270/edit?query=mike&sort=name that the user's Default pickup service point is Circ Desk 2, though I'm not sure what that means.)

      However, when logging on as the same user, through the same Okapi back-end, with my local development Stripes workspace, the same user has no service point assigned:

      I don't understand what is different between the Stripes bundle on dev1 and my local build, that would make this happen.

      At present I have placed this issue in the general STRIPES project. When I figure out which part of the system is responsible — likely stripes-core — I will move it.

      I am unable to work on circulation development while my user has no service point.

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