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SPIKE: New Results List View with Hierarchy levels support



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      Several apps including eholdings, Inventory, Orders, Invoices, and Agreements apps support multiple record types that are linked. For example, eholdings (Provider - Package - Title), Inventory (Instance - holdings - items)

      From an eholdings point of view, we get user feedback that the Titles and Packages results list is fine but the UX would be improved greatly if we display the titles within the package or packages that the title is included right on the results list.

      We also have libraries who will use FOLIO on a small screen (e.g. tablet)

      SPIKE Objective: Investigate / Define an approach for developing a new results list view that supports
      – Improved display of results on a smaller screen
      – Support display of multiple record types
      – Support display of linked record types and the hierarchy
      – Must account for pagination
      – Must account for a result hierarchy that might be one level to possibly 5 levels
      – Must account for that a parent record may have tens of child records OR edge case hundreds
      – Must account for WCAG 2.1 AA / screenreader use / keyboard only use
      – Approach must consider that any app can implement

      OLD MOCKUP - NOT The Official design but gives the sense of what is needed

      *SPIKE Deliverables *

      • Define an approach > Present to this team and to stripes-arch for feedback and validation
      • Assume will determine if a POC is needed or if this SPIKE will include a POC.

      4 days

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