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Create shared settings profiles pane component



    • Concorde - Sprint 87
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      Move some functionality from the SearchAndSort component in ui-data-import to the separated module and implement only base functionality (without specific things). The main idea is to simplify the current implementation by splitting the code to create independent testable components and provide the ability to customize it for ui-data-export and ui-data-import. The component is partly implemented (MappingProfiles component).
      The new components should implement a settings pane with the next functionality:

      Rename SearchAndSort to SearchAndSortPane

      • Use SearchForm (STDTC-5) and SearchResult (STDTC-8) instead of render methods. The pane should support using external methods for searching.
      • Support custom pane headers (through header property) to support different headers variations (For example, ui-data-import uses an action menu, ui-data-export - a single button).
      • Query string transition logic (URL changing with needed properties). The backend is needed to sort and search the needed data. But the URL changing and its testing can be provided in the scope of this story.
      • Support custom implementations of row formatters, transitions to view/edit screens (different paths), parent mutators, etc.

      Note: The implementation of ViewRecordComponent should be moved out of the SearchAndSort. For example, it should be developed such as the first step for UIDEXP-46

      Acceptance criteria:

      • The described functionality is implemented
      • The test coverage is at least 80%
      • The MappingProfiles component is updated

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