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      Setup jest/rtl in the ui-data-export and write the first tests to verify that they are running correctly as a part of the CI. However, as a result of this story jest/rtl tests won't be part of CI as for now the CI is configured to show the coverage for one test framework tool at the moment (Bigtest now). Once there is a setup (which should be introduced by the devops team according to Emelianov) to see both Bigtest and jest/rtl then jest/rtl should be enabled on CI as well.

      The suggested tests are on the screenshot below:

      Acceptance criteria:
      1. Jest/rtl is setup;
      2. Tests using the setup is written and the coverage above 80% is reached (according to the note below in order to prove it the screenshot should be attached in JIRA comment);

      Note: that Bigtest tests should not be removed for a while. The reason for this is that there is no way right now to see metrics for Bigtest tests run and jest/rtl tests run separately on CI. Once it is done we can start removing Bigtest tests when there are replacement tests written with jest/rtl and.

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