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Logout from FOLIO, keep SSO login



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      The "Log out" menu option should warn that the SSO SAML login is kept.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment where SSO is configured, for example https://folio-demo.gbv.de/ using login rick and password psych and all default options (remember login, ask me again if information to be provided to this service changes)
      2. In FOLIO go to the top right user menu and click "Log out"
      3. After logout the login page of the FOLIO instance opens.
      4. Click "Login via SSO"
      5. The SSO login is successful because the identity provider (IdP) knows that the SSO login hasn't expired.

      Expected Results:

      The log out menu entry warns that the SSO login is kept if the tenant has SSO enabled, for example:

      Actual Results:

      The log out menu entry wording is "Log out", the warning is missing.

      Use case:

      I want to switch the user account in FOLIO. For the first account I use SSO, for the secound account I use the traditional non-SSO username+password login. And I still want to keep my SSO session at the SSO IdP so that I don't need to enter my credentials again when I want to switch back to the first account in FOLIO or if I want to use some other campus app with SSO and the first account.

      Additional Information:

      This issue is about renaming the existing logout option from "Log out" to "Log out from FOLIO, keep SSO login" (feel free to suggest an even better wording) when the tenant has SSO enabled.

      props.okapi.ssoEnabled reports whether SSO is enabled. If false "Log out" is used, if true "Log out from FOLIO, keep SSO login" is used.

      Related: MODLOGSAML-92 is the issue for adding a logout menu entry that logs out from both FOLIO and SSO ("Log out from FOLIO and SSO".

      Interested parties:

      Universidad de Zaragoza

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