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Automatically Select Service Point Preference When Logging In



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      Purpose: When work is being done in FOLIO, it is necessary to know what "service point" (functional location e.g. circ desk) the work is being done at. In order to indicate the service point for a session, the RA SIG has decided that users will have 0 to many service points associated with them (where they are allowed to work). Some users will have a preferred service point set in their user record, in which case that SP will automatically be selected when they log in.

      User story:
      As a folio operator who spends most of her time working at a given service point
      I want to be able to specify a preferred service point in my user record and have that service point automatically selected for me everytime I log in
      So that I don't have to manually select it each time (NOTE: a preferred service point is also very useful for people who are allowed to work at very many SPs - they don't want to have to scroll through a massive list to select their SP each time)


      1. Scenario
        • Given User A's FOLIO user record is associated with Service Point X and Service Point Y AND Service point preference = Service Point Y
        • When User A logs into FOLIO
        • Then:
          • Service Point Y should be automatically selected as the current service point
          • "Service point: Service Point Y" should display under the Logged in user as shown in this mockup

      Out of scope:

      • Indicating service point options for users in the user record (UIU-546)
      • Manually selecting service point when no login preference is specified (UIU-547)
      • Changing service point after login
      • Attempting to access apps that require service points when none has been selected

      Mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b-QSV-75p-xiLGNO2qgrcVbB0eCz6zuV

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