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Dates incorrectly parsed when tenant locale != American English



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      When a tenant uses a locale other than "American English" dates entered into date field in Agreements or Licenses
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. In the Settings app select Tenant > Language and localization. NB If using the hosted reference environments PLEASE use the option to set a temporary session locale by using:
        Settings -> Developer -> Session local
      2. Change the Locale from American English / American English to British English / British English
      3. In the agreements app create New agreement
      4. Enter a date which is only valid in the British English date format - e.g. 16/09/2020 (i.e. this cannot be interpreted as MM/DD/YYYY). Date can be entered by EITHER
      • choosing from the date picker OR
      • typing a date using the British English format (as prompted by the placeholder) of dd/mm/yyyy

      Expected Results:
      Date correctly recognised and parsed as a valid date having been entered in the british date format mm/dd/yyyy

      Actual Results:
      Date not correctly recognised/parsed

      bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:417 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'substring' of null
          at outputFormatter (bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:417)
          at t (bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:417)
          at onChange (bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:417)
          at i.value (bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:330)
          at Object.c (bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360)
          at p (bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360)
          at bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
          at b (bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360)
          at it (bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360)
          at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
      outputFormatter @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:417
      t @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:417
      onChange @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:417
      value @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:330
      c @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      p @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      (anonymous) @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      b @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      it @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      at @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      ct @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      pt @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      ae @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      se @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      Jt @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      $t @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      t.unstable_runWithPriority @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:368
      Va @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      ne @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360
      Xt @ bundle.c61d3738bf6906888827.js:360

      Additional Information:

      • If the date is picked from the date picker the same issue occurs
      • If a date that can be a valid date when parsed as a US date (mm/dd/yyyy) is entered then it is parsed as a US date - e.g. try entering "01/09/2020" is parsed to 09/01/2020 - and displayed back to the user. If the user then saves the record, the date recorded in the database is "2020-01-09" (i.e. 9th of January rather than 1st of September as the user tried to enter). This means that the value entered/selected by the user (01/09/2020 - 1st September) is being (for some reason) converted to the US date format (09/01/2020 - this is the correct date in US format - still 1st September) within the form field, but then when the form data is submitted to the database it is being interpreted as in British date format (due to the locale presumably), and so the eventual date written in the db is 9th January instead
      • The locale/language of the browser doesn't seem to affect the behaviour one way or the other (tried the above with the Chrome Language set to US and to British English)

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