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Cannot view details of a particular instance



    • Core: F - Sprint 96
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    • Q3 2020


      Overview: A MARC file imported fine, and the instance was created. I can search and find the instance in Inventory, but I can't view the instance details. NOTE: This only happens for 1 particular MARC record, which is in the attached file Match on URL2.mrc

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into folio-testing or folio-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Data import and upload the attached MARC file
      3. Click Actions/Load MARC Bibliographic records to import the file via the "secret button"
      4. Once the file has imported, click on the file name in the log, and copy the Instance HRID file from the 001 of the log details
      5. Go to Inventory, change your search to Instance HRID, and paste the HRID you copied
      6. Click on the title to view the instance details: https://folio-testing.dev.folio.org/inventory/view/a4e0c19f-a906-4f75-bf0e-f57e98d3e993?query=ted&sort=title

      Expected Results: I can see the instance details

      Actual Results: I get an error message

      Additional Information:

      Works in Goldenrod, but does not work in Snapshot; seems to be related to UIIN-829

      Possible fix If intended translation fails, show the raw text from the record

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          1. FOD Titles.xlsx
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          3. Match on URL2.mrc
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          4. SearchInstanceUUIDs2020-08-25T12_49_40+02_00-3.mrc
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          9. SmallerFoDSGF.mrc
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          10. SmallFoDWP.mrc
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          11. View detail error message.PNG
            View detail error message.PNG
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