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Locate ISO table for currency/numbers



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      The description below is old...read comments for more information about final decision...

      Hi Zak. Jakub recommended that I ask you for help with this because you worked on the existing Language & localization settings in FOLIO. For the Q2 2019 release we want to add a Currency setting to that page, as shown in the attached mock-up titled Currency Drop-Down.jpg. When an institution selects a Currency option from the drop-down, they will in effect be selecting a variety of settings:

      • ISO Alphabetic Code
      • Currency Name
      • Currency Symbol
      • Symbol Placement
      • Decimal Digits (aka Minor Unit)
      • Grouping Character
      • Currency Decimal Character
      • Number Decimal Character
      • Negative Sign Placement

      I have created a sample table that is attached (see SAMPLE TABLE tab of Currency Table.xlsx).

      I have been unable to find a table that will provide all of the information we need. The best I have done is to find https://www.currency-iso.org/en/home/tables/table-a1.html,which provides ISO Alphabetic Code, Currency Name, and Decimal Places (aka Minor Unit). I have that information for 161 currencies in my SAMPLE TABLE. The additional columns I have filled in for rows 2-16 has come from a variety of websites, not a file.

      Jakub thought that you might be able to find one or more files in a library that we could use to get the data we need. That is the part I need your help with. Once we know if the file will be build automatically or we have to build it ourselves, we can move on to having UNAM develop the setting.

      Thanks for your help with this.


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