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Need component for drop-down values for currency



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      Holly is the PO for adding the Primary Currency setting to Language and Localization, as shown in attached mock-up 2-currency-dropdown.png. This drop-down will be a list of all currencies used around the world with their ISO alphabetic code, as shown in attached file Currency-Table.xlsx. (The official table is available at https://www.currency-iso.org/en/home/tables/table-a1.html. I have removed the ISO codes for "currencies" such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. to created Currency-Table.xlsx.)

      When Holly discussed this feature with the Acquisitions team earlier today, she learned that they will also need a currency drop-down list for selecting the currency a purchase is being made in. There are other uses in FOLIO as well. We don't want to build this same drop-down list in multiple places, so we are asking that this be a shared component. (Sorry for the late notice, but I am just learning this.)

      The Primary Currency setting needs to be developed ASAP, which is why Holly set the Priority of this feature at P1. If needed, the UNAM dev team can move ahead with their own currency drop-down list then implement the component when it is ready. Please let Holly know if they should go ahead without the component.

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