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FOLIO Calendar Dates issue when in RTL - Forcing Hindu Numerals Shape



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      Hello مرحبا

      Using MS Windows Numbering system, users has the options to select between Arabic, Hindu and Contextual (Hindu numerals shape with Arabic text, and Arabic Numerals Shapes with English text) to choose from.

      Numbers are numbers regardless in what shape they are represented. This is how I understand the issue as a programmer. Therefore, the numbers shape should be left to the user to decide and thus the Windows default should be forced not the Hindu shape in RTL and Arabic shape in LTR, as the case now with FOLIO when entering a User's Birth date or Expire date.

      With FOLIO date calendar, I faced the issue of FOLIO forcing Hindu shape, and that is causing an error when FOLIO tries to save the dates!


      Per Zak

      The month and year are set on Datepicker/Calendar.js#L418.

      The day-of-week abbreviations are set on DatePicker/Calendar#L357.

      The best way to code this is probably to get a full day-name and month-name values out of the moment formatter and then feed those values into a translation key dynamically, e.g. use stripes-components.datePicker.abbr.${dayName} to generate a key like "stripes-components.datePicker.abbr.Monday" with a value like Mo for English, Lu for French, etc.

      Per John

      • date fields were set to have hard-coded date formats and backendDateStandards in the first place - seems like All fields should handle localized formats, save in ISO format comfortably (the defaults of Datepicker)

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