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Catastrophic Error Messaging UI



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      Currently catastrophic error UI is "quite raw and unstyled right now with a verbose presentation of the error's cause that, while suitable for developers, is not for average users."

      Current screenshot

      General Requirements

      • Improve the catastrophic error UI
      • Make it easier to return to the previous screen or at least default app landing page.

      UI Design - Improved Catastrophic Error Message UI

      • Contact Filip on any questions related to design specs (including icons)
      • If user clicks the [Return to previous page] button then the page should return to the screen the user was on prior to this error screen
        • If not possible to return to the previous page then return to the app default landing page
        • If error occurs and session has ended then return user to the FOLIO login page

      UI Design - Display technical details

      • If user wants the technical details then make [View technical details.] a hyperlink
      • If user clicks the link then display a modal
      • The modal should be scrollable and allow the user to select the details and copy into an email
      • Modal should display a copy icon/option so it is easy for a user to copy error message.

      Additional details - See video


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