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Move ui-module blueprint to its own repo



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      Stripes-CLI supports quickly generating a new ui-module with the "app create" command. In addition to scaffolding a reference ui-module, the CLI will optionally post module descriptor and assign permissions to facilitate front-end development.

      However, since the ui-module templates are embedded within the CLI, this reference lacks good developer visibility for maintenance and can easily go out of sync with other front-end module changes. Further, its tests are not exercised in the CI. By moving the ui-module reference into its own stand-alone repository, the module can be updated independent of CLI releases. Any changes to the module will then adhere to existing CI quality gates ensuring developers receive a better quality starting point with their new ui-modules.

      FOLIO already has a similar stand-alone ui-module, named ui-trivial. This module, however, is sparsely populated and vastly out of date. For example, ui-trivial does not demonstrate proper use of translations, stripes-components, or stripes-framework. It also contains dependencies no longer needed by ui-modules. Therefore I propose, we merge the CLI ui-module reference into ui-trivial, effectively replacing the contents of trivial (alternatively, create a new ui-repo, and deprecate ui-trivial).

      As a stand-alone module that runs through CI, the new ui-module will need to represent a working application at rest. That is, the module should be able to run on its own without any templating applied (currently the use of template tags like "<%= componentName %>" prevent this). The CLI can then apply string-replacement on uniquely named live placeholders instead.

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