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MG - Always populate the "title identifier" field for checked out response (12)



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      Problem: when a checkout of an item via a self-check system happens and the checkout fails, the response from FOLIO does not populate the "title identifier" field. The title identifier field is a required element of the checkout response and is critical for the end-user when trying to identify which book within a group of books cannot be checked out.

      In this instance, the self check vendor ([FE Tech|https://www.fetechgroup.com),] wants FOLIO to support the Item Information service (message pair 17/18). While we should support this service, we have 9 other libraries using SIP2 protocol, with at least one being Biblioteca. We've not had this problem nor need with any of these libraries. auger has proposed to FE Tech that they do the work to support the title identifier from the checkout response. 

      For your information: the title identifier is tagged with "AJ"

      Jira ticket originally created by Carole Godfrey. This is her description:

      The edge-sip2 module does not currently support handling for Item information request. There is not an alternative for obtaining item information.

      Per SC manufacturer:
      At a functional level all we need is the 18 response to include the correct ‘item identifier’ and ‘title identifier’ to allow the checking out of items without error.

      Lack of this functionality is a critical issue for SC FETech

      Added Info
      We do get the title when an item is successfully checked out (request 11/response 12) but if there is an issue like a non-circulating item being submitted for checkout.
      The transaction fails and is reported back, as expected, but no title is returned, so the self-check kiosk cannot let the patron know which book was rejected.
      When checking out multiple books at once (literally, as a stack on an RFID pad) this would be an issue.

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