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Digital stocks, altogether (without electronic journals and electronic newspapers)



    • ID243
    • DBS 110 - 111
    • Resource Management
    • Yearly
    • total number held, number newly acquired (added within a given timeframe regardless of acquisition method)
    • No
    • reporting year
    • R1
    • R1
    • R4


      for DBS and internal library use; for German Library Statistics, some digital stocks (CDs and DVDs) will be in Inventory, and digital stocks accessed retrievable through a common surface are in Agreements; digital stocks include online electronic resources as well as physical media such as CDs and DVDs; this count includes both online and physical media, so it is connected to both RM and ERM.

      Digital stocks, altogether (without electronic journals and electronic newspapers) (digital media which have been purchased by the library and became part of its catalog. Both Web publications and those on digital media, e.g. CD, DVD. Databases.). In the sense of this statistics, the purchase of electronics media can happen by 1. Purchase of data 2. Purchase of access rights 3. Digitization (in the own institution or externally) 4. Making local copies (in compliance with copyrights) 5. Putting documents in an institutional Open Access repository;

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