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Interlibrary Loan and Borrow Direct Annual Statistics



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    • As needed, Yearly
    • Circ transaction ID; patron group ID (for ILL and BD); transaction date range.
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    • patron group (ILL or BD or TRLN), number of transactions
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      Annual library statistics; annual trend report. This report is a count of items loaned through ILL (Interlibrary Loan) or BD (Borrow Direct). 

      For BD at Cornell:
      Cornell uses the Relais system for BD. Relais automatically creates an item record in FOLIO with Borrow Direct location (owning library) and "BD-material" in material type in Inventory.  For Annual Statistics for BD, we need to get the total number of items checked out using the Borrow Direct location/owning library in FOLIO within a given time range. For BD statistics, we also use the Metridoc service at https://metridoc.library.upenn.edu/.  We can get number of BD checkouts from the FOLIO integration (where location/owning lib=BD), which is different from number of requests fulfilled as obtained from Metridoc (one request may be multiple volumes).

      For ILL at Cornell:

      Cornell uses the ILLIAD system for ILL. There will not be an ILL integration with FOLIO at Go Live. We will continue to gather our ILL statistics from the ILLIAD system. For Annual Statistics for ILL, we need a total count of the number of items checked out using ILL location/owning library within a given time range. We can get number of ILL requests fulfilled as obtained from ILLIAD (one request may be multiple volumes).


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