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Create shared Rancher environment for Data Import/Export/quickMARC sandbox



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    • Lotus R1 2022


      Description Create a Shared Rancher environment that Data Import/Export and quickMARC SMEs and POs can use for sandbox, exploratory work, and user acceptance testing


      • Include the following apps (check with Kateryna Senchenko if questions about specific modules)
      • The latest versions of the modules (which are mostly unreleased Kiwi modules at this point) Looks like it has Juniper versions
      • Include the default data and settings from the hosted reference environments (folio-testing/snapshot/snapshot-load) Haven't checked every piece of ref data, but I've seen the standard hosting reference data when testing various apps
      • No SRS or Inventory data to begin with, except default settings
      • Users can set up individual logons and passwords
      • Users can update passwords via e-mail never received the password reset e-mail
      • Apps and modules can be updated/refreshed on demand, by Folijet or Spitfire, upon request by any of the relevant POs (abreaux, kgambrell, magdaz) TBD. Make sure the devs know how they can do it
      • Import/export profiles created by users are not deleted when modules are refreshed
      • Settings created or updated by users are not deleted when modules are refreshed
      • Reference data created or updated by users are not deleted when modules are refreshed
      • SRS and Inventory data is not removed when modules are refreshed, but can be removed upon request
      • Should be able to handle a maximum of 50,000 Instances and SRS MARC records; expectation is that users will be working with a few records at a time, instead of large numbers of records

      Additional info needed by the POs and Team Leads from DevOps

      • URL for this environment
      • Admin logon and password
      • Any restrictions on usage?
      • Brief instructions for Folijet and Spitfire on
        • How to update the modules in the environment without purging any of the data
        • How to purge the SRS and Inventory data without purging any of the rest of the data (users, reference, etc)

      abreaux update https://wiki.folio.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=65117662 when this is complete


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