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Automatic FOLIO set up in the Scratch dev environments.



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      It is required to automate FOLIO set up in the Scratch dev environments.
      If a developer needs to deploy a features/story for testing in the Scratch dev environment he could run a dedicated Jenkins job and provide the following:

      1. A tenantId
      2. a complete list of back-end modules required to set up the platform with the new functionality. For every module in the list the developer must provide either:
        1. Docker image repository and version number (latest is the possible value for the sake of simplicity). It will be used to launch an application
        2. Git repository and branch name. It will be used to build a jar file and docker image, and launch an application.
      3. The branch to use for the platform-complete deployment

      As a result, a completely separate FOLIO platform must be deployed in the team’s project in Rancher.

      1. For every back-end module, a separate application must be launched. It must be registered as a separate deployment in OKAPI and enabled for the tenant provided within params.
      2. A new platform-complete application must be deployed using the branch provided

      Once testing has been completed and the deployed platform is not needed any more there should be a dedicated Jenkins job intended for clean up. The developer has to provide just tenantId for that and all the applications launched by the previous Jenkins job will be removed as well as the DB schemas created during modules’ enablement for the tenant.


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