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Module scripting (e.g to support data loading)



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      We need a way to load/configure modules. One way to do it within Okapi and without changing the use in general is to provide for Module scripting. The idea is to offer a way to run a script when enabling and a tenant. (Maybe also for deleting and purging all data). Unlike regular modules, the scripts are invoked when the module is "deployed" and there is no HTTP listening taking place. Instead the scripts will use command-line arguments + contents of the environment as basis. The environment variables includes the env from Okapi as well as all it takes to make HTTP requests via Okapi, such as X-Okapi-Token, X-Okapi-Tenant, X-Okapi-Url. Module scripts are a new facility to the existing module facility. They may require interfaces . As well as provide them, so that other modules may have dependencies on the module.

      The term scripting is used to make it more appealing.. But of course, like other modules, any language can be used as long as it is able to pass command line arguments and read the environment.

      The scripting facility and addition to the existing module deployment.. A module might include both scripting and regular HTTP server code in which case the HTTP server is started before the script (so that the script can load reference data properly). If a module doesn't provide either, it will be a "virtual" module, that can be used for grouping dependencies.

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