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BE: Browse contributors | Instance search query does not include contributor Name type



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      Overview: Mod-search doesn't check that Contributor's name and Contributor's type are from the same contributor when displaying results after user clicks on the Contributor's name at "Browse contributors" result list.
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into MG Bugfest / Snapshot FOLIO environment as User with the following permissions:
        Inventory: All permissions
      2. Go to "Inventory" app.
      3. Find and open any "Instance" record with source = Folio
      4. Add the following contributors to this "Instance" record:
        Personal name | Snow, John | Actor
        Corporate name | Mika, Right | Analyst
      5. Click on the "Save & close" button.
      6. Open any different "Instance" record with source = Folio
      7. Add the following contributor to this "Instance" record:
        Corporate name | Snow, John | Adapter
      8. Click on the "Save & close" button.
      9. Select "Browse contributors" as search option.
      10. Execute browse with the following query "Snow, John".
      11. Click on the "Snow, John" | Corporate name | Adapter

      Expected Results: at result list displays only one "Instance" record, where "Snow, John" has "Corporate name" type. 
      Actual Results: at result list displays two "Instance" records, where "Snow, John" has "Corporate name" type and "Snow, John" has "Personal name" type
      Additional Information: see attached screencast.
      Interested parties: kgambrell Denys Bohdan 

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