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Define default search result (excluding records Marked for deletion, and Staff suppressed)



    • Spitfire
    • Nolana R3 2022
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      Overview: Define default search result in Inventory to be excluding records being

      1. Marked for deletion, and
      2. Staff suppressed

      Note: All records being Marked for deletion will also be Staff suppressed, but not All Staff suppressed records are being Marked for deletion.


      1. Instances being Marked for deletion
        • Default search result should not display records marked for deletion.
        • The purpose of this is that this allows us to effectively delete a record (from the UI perspective that is) without having to perform dependency checks real time.
        • There will be a filter option, so it's possible for the users with the permission to find the Marked for deletion records (MSEARCH-321), and then have the ability to "undelete" easily.
      2. Instances being Staff suppressed
        • Default search result should not display records being Staff suppressed.
        • The purpose of this is that this make these records not visible in the default result list. Typical are these records draft records in a very unfinished state, and not relevant for others than the cataloger working on the given record
        • There is already a filter option implemented for records being Staff suppressed (UISEES-18)

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