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BE: Inventory. Keyword search should use normalization of Resource titles and Contributor names



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      Overview: The Simmons library have reported following issue that Keyword search (in all three segments instance, holdings, item) does not support normalization (skip of punctuations, hyphens, spaces) in Resource titles, and Contributor names.
      Skip: colons; semicolons, square brackets, parentheses, spaces, period, dash(single or multiple), commas, exclamation mark, question mark


      1. Scenario
        • Log into FOLIO Snapshot, https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/inventory/, as User diku_admin
        • Go to Inventory, and search by using Keyword search in (Instance/Holdings/Item), and search for e.g. The Neurotic Heroine in Tennessee Williams microform CN Stavrou
        • I get the resource title: The Neurotic Heroine in Tennessee Williams microform C.N. Stavrou
      2. Scenario
        • ensure following normalizations are covered:
          • with and without hyphens
          • with and without punctuation
          • with and without spaces

      Additional Information: This issue was found in the Simmons environment (Fameflower and Goldenrod), when searching for the title "The Black church in the US"
      URL: https://simmons-upgrade.folio.indexdata.com/inventory/view/2139b4be-a997-11ea-8da7-1466fadbd8b9?query=The%20Black%20church%20in%20the%20U.S.&sort=title

      WIP: documentation of examples on Keyword search when punctuation is ignored (skipped): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17L4kMTwfg7Ed3_GSpMZd3sjw1p3Ikp5zVcSDrP21mpY/edit#gid=0

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