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Bugfest. Inventory. Keyword search does not return expected match



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      Overview: Issue found during Bugfest Lotus test. The keyword index, search for title, contributor, or identifier data and intended to work separately. If you combine title and contributor data, the search works. If you add one identifier that is stored in the found instance record, then the search fails (e.g. wolves matthew 9781609383657).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to FOLIO Bugfest Lotus, as a user with permission to search all records in inventory (View instance, holdings, item)
      2. In the instance segment (or Holdings, or Item) then enter Keyword search:
      3. wolves matthew 9781609383657
        • 'wolves' is in the title data element
        • 'matthew' is in the contributor name data element
        • '9781609383657' is in the ISBN 'identifier' data element

      Expected result:
      I get the title: Of wilderness and wolves /by Paul L. Errington ; edited and with an introduction by Matthew Wynn Sivils ; illustrations by Charles W. Schwartz. with Instance HRID: in11348794

      Actual result:
      I don't get any result. I get the message: No results found for "wolves matthew 9781609383657". Please check your spelling and filters.

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