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BE - Add barcode to Keyword search in Inventory



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      Overview: Adding barcode to the Keyword search. Implemented in all three segments (Instance, Holdings, Item).

      Use case: When searching in Inventory I want to have the most common ways to search in the Keyword search. To find the item record for a specific copy (a common task in the circulation desk) the easiest way is to search is entering the barcode.
      Comment from Chalmers: After the Q4 release that requires more clicks than before and the staff has begun to complain.


      1. Story
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot as user Diku_admin
        • Go to Inventory
        • When viewing the search options in the Instance/Holdings/Item segment
        • then Keyword search is relabeled
          • from Keyword (title, contributor, identifier)
          • to Keyword (title, contributor, identifier, barcode)
      2. Story
        • When using search option Keyword (title, contributor, identifier, barcode) and entering barcode 90000
        • Then the title Semantic Web is presented in the search result list, and the barcode is being highlighted in the item list (the highlight is existing behavior in the UI for doing barcode search)

      More information:
      Item barcode is implemented as a search option in the Item segment - MSEARCH-31.
      The work supporting this work is documented in MSEARCH-304

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