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      The purpose of this story is to provide the user with a search ISBN (normalized and non-normalized) and ISSN options. It should support searches for the whole and partial values. Please note that current Inventory search does seem to support the normalization of the ISBN correctly

      1. Identifiers[].vaue will need to be searched when the identifier type is ISBN, Invalid ISBN, ISSN or Invalid ISSN. The identifierTypeId is part of the reference data.
      2. ISBN and invalid ISBN - normalized search:
      Any 10-digit ISBN should be normalized to the 13-digit version before matching (note that 10 digit ISBNs can end in X, but 13-digit ISBNs are numeric-only)

      • 047144250X normalizes to 9780471442509
        Any hyphens within the ISBN should be stripped
      • 978-0-471-44250-9 normalizes to 9780471442509
        Any extra spaces before, internal to, or after the ISBN should be stripped
      • 978 0 471 44250 9 normalizes to 9780471442509
        Any alpha-numeric qualifying data after the ISBN should be removed
      • 9780471442509 (cloth : alk. paper) normalizes to 9780471442509
      • left- and right-handed truncation is not supported

      3. ISBN and Invalid ISBN - regular search:

      • right-handed truncation is supported: "978-894*" and "978894*" will match: 9789490800383
      • supports search by alpha-numeric qualifier: "paper" will match 006054354X (alk. paper)

      4. ISSN

      • supports right-handed truncation: 0747* will match 0747-0088
      • 07470088 - will not return match
      • left-handed truncation is not supported.


      Acceptance criteria:

      • Supports search by parts of the value as specified for each identifier type
      • Accurate record count provided

      The same search is possible on holdings and item level.

      Additional Information:
      The folio-isbn-util shared library provides validation and conversion for ISBN-10 and ISBN-13.
      ISBN Converter tool: https://www.isbn.org/ISBN_converter

      Out of scope:

      • Autocomplete functionality - covered by MSEARCH-13
      • Performance - expected less than 5 sec for 10M records
      • UI implementation

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