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Instance - support keyword search by notes field



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      The purpose of this story is to allow the user a keyword search within notes field only

      1. Case insensitive
      2. Word match in the following Inventory Instance field: notes[].note
      3. Limit search to public notes only limited by notes[].staffOnly field set to false
      3. Supports search in other than English languages (including CKJ languages, Arabic, Hebrew)

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Query returns accurate hit count
      • User can search by any word that is a part of the field's value
      • Results are ranked based on term frequency, inverse document frequency and field length
      • Stemming according with configured on the tenant language tokenizers

      Outside the scope

      • UI work
      • AND, OR, NOT and NESTING

      Additional Information:
      Examples of instance level notes:

      "notes": [
            "note": "Includes bibliographical references (pages 263-281) and index",
            "staffOnly": false,
            "instanceNoteTypeId": "86b6e817-e1bc-42fb-bab0-70e7547de6c1"
            "note": "Statebuilding and the reconstruction of Iraq's budgetary institutions -- The evolution of Iraqi budgetary institutions from the Ottomans and the British mandate through Saddam -- Pre-war planning for Iraq's economic and budgetary reconstruction -- Boots on the ground: the CPA and the new Iraqi budgetary process -- Building Iraqi ministerial capacity: the case of FMIS -- The 17th benchmark and the challenge of Iraqi budget execution -- Building Iraqi budgetary capacity -- Iraqi budgeting -- Successful state building in Iraq? Lessons from the reconstruction of Iraq's budgetary Institutions",
            "staffOnly": false,
            "instanceNoteTypeId": "5ba8e385-0e27-462e-a571-ffa1fa34ea54"
            "note": "Description based on print version record",
            "staffOnly": false,
            "instanceNoteTypeId": "66ea8f28-d5da-426a-a7c9-739a5d676347"

      Inventory Instance schema: https://github.com/folio-org/mod-inventory-storage/blob/master/ramls/instance.json
      Honeysuckle bugfest environment: https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/

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