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BE: (3-APB-B) Maintain Patron Blocks Limits Table entries: patron group deletion



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      To see how this JIRA issue integrates with the other automated patron blocks JIRA issues please see the diagram at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D9tZE-EgTZYRV28Wc2ghpfHIdnqBwpr2/view?usp=sharing

      This story covers Scenario 3.

      PURPOSE: The Patron Blocks Limits Table (see UIU-1167) will have an entry for each of the institution's patron groups. The table entries will be maintained when the Patron Group settings change (i.e. a new one is added, an old one is deleted, an existing one is renamed). The table entries also need to be loaded for institution's that are already using FOLIO when the Patron Group Limits Table is implemented.

      NOTE: See UIU-1167 Update Patron Blocks Limits Table for details of record.


      1. Scenario
      Given Settings ==> Users ==> Patron Groups
      When new Patron Group added
      Then create new Patron Blocks Limits Table entry (see attached file 2-patron-group-new.jpg for more info)

      2. Scenario
      Given Settings ==> Users ==> Patron Groups
      When existing Patron Group name modified
      Then modify new Patron Blocks Limits Table entry with new name (see attached file 3-patron-group-rename.jpg for more info)

      3. Scenario
      Given Settings ==> Users ==> Patron Groups
      When old Patron Group deleted
      Then delete old Patron Blocks Limits Table entry (see attached file 4-patron-group-delete.jpg for more info)

      4. Scenario
      Given institution implemented prior to existence of Patron Blocks Limits Table
      When Patron Blocks Limits Table implemented
      Then create Patron Blocks Limits Table entries for all existing Patron Groups

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