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BE: (3-APB-?) Create Patron Blocks Limits Table



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      To see how this JIRA issue integrates with the other automated patron blocks JIRA issues please see the diagram at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D9tZE-EgTZYRV28Wc2ghpfHIdnqBwpr2/view?usp=sharing

      Purpose: Update database schema with a new table patron_blocks_limits.

      Each limit contains fields:

      • id
      • patron group id
      • condition id
      • limit value


      The purpose of this user story is to allow an institution to set actions to be blocked, if any, for six initial situations and to set a custom message to be displayed.

      The first step in this task to to change the design of the Settings ==> Users section of FOLIO to add a Patron Blocks section (in the second column) with two new sub-sections: Actions and Limits (as shown in the attached screen mock-up Patron-blocks-limits.jpg) This user story covers the "Limits" option and UIU-1272 covers the "Actions" option.

      The third column displayed, which is labeled Limits, is a list of all patron groups. When a new patron group is added, a new blank limits record must be created. When an existing patron group is deleted, the existing limits record must be deleted. When a patron group is renamed, the existing limits record must be renamed. This work will be covered in UIU-1305.

      For the patron group selected to set limits for, the six hard-coded situations that the institution may select to set up patron blocks for (also seen in the Patron Blocks Actions table) are presented for assigning limits:
      * Maximum outstanding fee/fine balance
      * Maximum number of items charged out
      * Maximum number of lost items
      * Maximum number of overdue items
      * Maximum number of overdue recalls
      * Recall overdue by maximum number of days

      * "Maximum outstanding fee/fine balance" may be blank or a currency value between 0.01 and 9999.99. If user enters 0 or 0.00, display error message: A maximum balance of 0 will result in all patrons in this group being blocked; to skip this limit, leave value set to blank
      * The remaining 5 fields have the same validation; they may be blank, 0, or a whole number from 1 to 999999. If user enters anything else, display error message: Must be blank or a number from 0 to 999999
      * "Save" button should remain grayed out until all validation has been passed

      After updating the record, a "success toast" should be displayed, as shown in attached screen mock-up Patron-blocks-limits-success.jpg.

      Please see Holly with any questions or comments. Thanks!

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