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SRS MARC Created when No Create Instance Action in Job Profile



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      Overview: When you want to create either a holdings connected to an existing instance or an item connected to an existing holdings, you match to either that holdings hrid or instance hrid and have an action to create either the holdings or item. What is happening is that the holdings and items are created AND the log also says the SRS MARC is created.

      Current workaround: No workaround

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data Export
      3. Create a new mapping
        1. SRS and Holdings
        2. Map Holdings HRID to 901$a
        3. Map Holdings Id to 902$a
      4. Create a new data export job linked to that mapping
      5. Go to Settings/Data Import
      6. Create a new field mapping for an item
        1. Item mat type: Electronic resource
        2. Loan type: Can circulate
        3. Status: Available
      7. Create a new action "Create item" linked to that item field mapping
      8. Create a new match for 901$a to Holdings hrid
      9. Create a new job with that match and on matches, Creates item record
      10. Go to Inventory
      11. Find or create a Source = MARC Instance with 1 holdings record and no item records
      12. Copy that Instance HRID and search for it in Inventory, so that you have only 1 search result
      13. Go to Actions/Save instance UUIDs
      14. Go to Data Export
      15. Upload the UUIDs text file that was just downloaded
      16. Apply the export job profile created in step 4 and export the file
      17. Download the newly-created MARC file
      18. Go to Data Import
      19. Upload that exported mrc file and select test job to create item
      20. Item is created
      21. Log also says SRS Marc bibs are created

      Case 2: For Holdings creation:

      1. follow the same steps as above
      2. except find an Inventory instance with no holdings
      3. Create a field mapping to create a holdings record, and an associated action profile
      4. create a field mapping for holdings record and a match from 001 to instance hrid.

      Expected Results: The log should have a dash for all the MARC SRS bibs and instances. There's no action to create/update srs marc bibs or instances in either case

      Actual Results: I suspect that this is creating orphan srs bibs whenever you create a holdings attached to an existing instance or an item attached to an existing holdings.

      Additional Information: This is happening in snapshot and Morning Glory.

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