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Data Import field mapping profile is saved with data deleted from the system



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      Overview: The user can save a mapping profile with data that has been deleted from the system.

      Precondition: The user is authorized with  "Settings (Data import): Can view, create, edit, and remove" and "Settings (acquisition units): Can view, edit, create and delete acquisition units" permissions.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Settings->Acquisitions units
      2. Create the value for the Acquisitions unit
      3. Go to Settings >Data import>Field mapping profile
      4. Click the invoice mapping profile from the list 
      5. Click the Actions > Duplicate 
      6. Change the value in the Name field 
      7. Click on the 'Accepted values' button in the 'Acquisitions units' field.
      8. Select the value, that you created in step 2
      9. In a separate window, go back to the Acquisitions unit settings, and delete the value in that you created in step 2
      10. Go back to the Data import duplicate mapping profile and  fill in all other required fields
      11. Click the "Save as profile & Close" button

      Expected Results

      • The mapping profile cannot be saved because the 'Acquisitions units' field contains data that has been deleted.
      • Error message is displayed for a field that contains invalid data.

      Actual Results: The mapping profile was saved with the data in the fields that were deleted from the system.

      Additional Information: See attached video 

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