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Fail job for unsupported profile (match MARC BIB to Instance and update MARC BIB) - MG bugfix



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      Summary: A MARC-to-Instance or Instance-to-Instance match, followed by a MARC Update action causes the job to get stuck.

      Include a way for the job to fail gracefully with an error message instead of getting stuck.

      For now, we will just resolve this particular scenario, but in the near future, we will include a spike to identify these earlier in the job processing. In the further future, determine if there is a way to adjust the job profile architecture so that MARC Update actions can follow MARC-Instance or Instance-Instance matches, and the job will process successfully.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Find an existing match profile or create a new match profile with the following:
        • Name:
        • Match Incoming MARC Bib 999 ff $i
        • Exactly matches
        • Existing Instance UUID
      2. Go to Settings/Data import/MARC field protections, and make sure there is a field protection for: 514 * * * *. If not, then add one
      3. Create a field mapping profile
        • Name:
        • Incoming record type: MARC Bib
        • FOLIO Record type: MARC Bib Updates
        • In the Details/Override MARC field protections section, mark the Override checkbox for the 514 field
      4. Create an action profile
        • Name:
        • Action: Update
        • FOLIO record type: MARC Bib record
        • Link the above field mapping profile
      5. Create a job profile
        • Name:
        • Data type: MARC
        • Add the match profile from above
        • For matches, add the Update MARC Bib action profile from above
      6. Go to Inventory and find a source = MARC Instance
      7. Mark the checkbox next to the particular instance in the second pane (search results)
      8. Export that instance
      9. Ignore the Delimited file; go to Data export and download the most recent quickExport with your user name
      10. Upload that MARC file and assign the job profile created above, and run the job

      Expected results: Unless or until we change the job profile architecture or handling:

      • The job should finish with Status: Completed with errors
      • When a user clicks on the file name in the log, and clicks on the title of the record, they should see the error message: Unsupported type of job profile

      Actual results: The job gets stuck or completes with errors, and there is no error message in the log to help the user understand what happened


      • This same error message will be used for other problem job profile structures, but for now, only test with the above structure. We will add other tests when we identify additional scenarios.

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