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Importing MARC records with 999 ff fields using Create jobs without match profiles causes data problems (MARC Bibs)



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    • Morning Glory (R2 2022) Bug Fix
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      Related to MODDATAIMP-426; resolve that one first, and then see if that fix resolves this one as well - No, it doesn't

      MARC Bibs being handled in MODSOURMAN-840; MARC Authority and MARC Holdings being handled in MODSOURMAN-854

      Workaround: Remove the 999 ff field before importing

      Steps to Reproduce: (for TestRail, you can also use Scenario 1 from MODSOURMAN-854 and the file BibsMODSOURMAN-854 linked to it)

      1. Log into FOLIO snapshot-load
      2. Go to Inventory and filter by Source = MARC; make sure there are already some source = MARC records in Inventory
      3. Export a few of those records, using the default export profile
      4. That exported MARC file will serve as the basis of the next Import. Those records will already have a FOLIO HRID in 001 and a 999 ff with Instance and SRS UUIDs
      5. Import that file of exported records, using the default Create instance and SRS MARC import profile (which has no match profile)

      Expected Results:
      Do not create a new SRS MARC Bib or Instance. Discard the incoming record with an error message indicating that a new Instance was not created because the incoming record already contained a 999 ff

      Actual Results:
      The new records are created but get linked to the previously existing SRS MARC record, which causes multiple instances to be linked to one MARC record and breaks the SRS-instance relationship, causing Quick MARC to stop working for these records.

      Note If records are from a different FOLIO tenant, then the user should definitely delete the 999 ff field before trying to load the records to the other tenant, so that the new tenant recognizes them as new records. Also, if MARC records are being imported with a Create profile, then any pre-existing 999 ff data should be stripped, so that the incoming record can be treated like a new SRS MARC Bib and create a new instance.

      TestRail: Results


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