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MARC-Instance mapping rules need to be extended to cover "staff only" for 599 field



    • Folijet Sprint 149
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    • Nolana (R3 2022)
    • Use field 590 with 1st indicator = 0, rather than field 599
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      Reminder to abreaux: DO NOT add a TestRail, since this change would not affect the default MARC-to-Instance map, but update the TestRail for MODSOURMAN-377 to include field 590

      Workaround: Use field 590 instead of 599

      Steps to reproduce/assumptions

      If the 599 section in the default mapping rules contains:


                          "rules": [


      {                             "value": "true",                             "conditions": []                         }


                          "target": "notes.staffOnly",

                          "subfield": [









                          "description": "If true, determines that the note should not be visible for others than staff",

                          "applyRulesOnConcatenatedData": true


      the below is expected behaviour:

      1. Go into Inventory.

      2. Find an instance with an underlying MARC record.
      3. Add a 599 field with 1st indicator = 0, 2nd indicator = [blank] to the MARC record via quickMARC
      4. Save.
      5. Review the updated instance

      Expected behaviour:
      The instance has a local note with Staff only=Yes.

      Actual behaviour:
      The instance has a local note with Staff only=No.

      another trial produced this:

      I just had to check.

      1. Toggling first indicator between 0 and 1 in the 599 for https://wellesley.folio.ebsco.com/inventory/view/5da7d81b-8192-56a5-9a9f-7920bc8d6e2d?query=pierrot toggles the staffOnly back and forth

      2. Fetching the mapping rules from baseUrl/mapping-rules/marc-bib shows that the value should always be true.It does not make use of the set_note_staff_only_via_indicator. The behaviour in 1 contradicts this.
      3. After exporting the record and importing it again, the behaviour in 1. is no longer shown

      4 After updating the rules, to always set the staffOnly to false, these rules work as expected for QM edits

      5. Resetting the rules (to set staffOnly to false) makes everything (import and QM edits) work as expected again.

      Additional expected behavior from abreaux (from comments below)

      • 590 with 1st indicator = 0 is Staff only, and with any other 1st indicator is NOT Staff only. I discovered we do map 590 in the default MARC-to-Instance map, but we don't do the 1st indicator/Staff only tweak that we implemented in MODSOURMAN-377.
      • Individual tenants should be able to adjust their default maps so that any other 59x field (591-599) can be added to the mapping and can follow the 1st indicator/Staff only behavior

      Attached file MODSOURMAN-827.mrc can be used for testing

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