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Weird log display for a job that updates or creates - Morning Glory



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      Overview: Sometimes the previous log shows instead of the current log

      Current workaround: None

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Lotus Bugfest
      2. Go to the Data Import app
      3. Click through some of the completed logs (the successful ones, not the failed ones)

      Expected Results:

      • When the user clicks on a file name, they should see the summary log for that file, not for a different file
      • For MARC files, the number of lines in the summary log should equal the number of records in the MARC file

      Actual Results:

      • Sometimes a different file's log summary is displayed, rather than the one that the user was expecting to see. Sometimes it will update to the new log summary if you wait long enough. Sometimes it will update to the new log summary if you refresh your screen several times or clear your cache and try again.

      Additional Information: See attached video

      Comment from jenncolt: I just peeked at your video. yeah if you look at a log with data and then look at a log without data (a white screen log) you'll see the data from the log that did have data. This is bad folio caching that happens in all modules unless they specifically fix it afaik. Usually I just keep reloading until the right log shows.

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