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The 001 is copied to the 035 when the record is updated even though it is unnecessary - Lotus bugfix



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    • Lotus (R1 2022) Bug Fix
    • Cornell, Skidmore College, University of Chicago
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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO snapshot
      2. Go to Inventory and check for any imported MARC records (use source = MARC filter). If no MARC records, then import a small file using the Default - Create Instance and MARC Bib job profile
      3. Export an existing MARC record, using the Default instances export job profile
      4. Edit the MARC record outside FOLIO (add a 5xx note, or change a 6xx subject heading) and recompile into an .mrc file
      5. Create a new job profile so that you can re-import the file and update it
        • Match profile: MARC Bib to MARC Bib, matching on field=999, ind 1 = f, ind 2 = f, subfield = s
        • Action profile: Update instance
        • Field mapping profile: Add a cataloged date and an Instance status
      6. Import the updated MARC file, using the new job profile
      7. Go to Inventory and check the Instance's identifiers
      8. Go to Actions/View source and check the 035 fields of the MARC record

      Expected Results:
      FOLIO does not copy the 001 into the 035 again because there is not a need to construct a new 035 since the record is being being updated, not created. Once an SRS MARC Bib has an 001 that matches the Instance HRID, it should be a protected field that is never overwritten with a new number, and is not moved into an 035 field.

      Actual Results:
      FOLIO copies the 001 to the 035. The more times the record is re-imported, the more 035s are created.

      Additional information: See attached videos showing steps to reproduce

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