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SPIKE: Verify persist value in DB during parsing 004 field



    • eHoldings Sprint 120
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    • Spitfire
    • R3 2021



      • A Holdings record represents the location where one will find a title (referred to in FOLIO as an instance)
        • Example: Book Title Harry Potter is held at the Main Library - Dekin Wing
          • Harry Potter is a FOLIO instance record
          • Main Library - Dekin Wing is a Holdings record in FOLIO
      • Every MARC Holdings record must have only one 004 value
      • The 004 value is the Instance record HRID value that the Holdings record is linked
      • Having a valid Instance record HRID in the 004 field is the only way that a user can view the Holdings record on FOLIO (see below examples)
        • Without a valid Instance record HRID, the Holdings record is not discoverable via FOLIO and it is a meaningless record if an instance is not linked

      Instance record with a link Holdings record example

      URL: https://bugfest-juniper.folio.ebsco.com/inventory/view/19d20e41-34fa-49ce-a4d8-2748cf595933

      Holdings record with references to linked Instance record example


      • Ensure a MARC holdings record always has a 004 value AND only one such value
      • Ensure that the 004 value is an Instance record's HRID
      • Ensure the 004 value does not contain a subfield delimiter
      • Cannot have multiple 004 values on a MARC Holdings record
      • Ensure if an invalid 004 value is set in the MARC Holdings record then return an error message and do not allow the record to be created/saved to SRS
      • Ensure that a valid 004 value links an Instance record to the MARC Holdings record as shown in the above screenshots


      • Discuss with Folijet this requirement. Data import must support a similar requirement today. Data import supports the ability to create/update Holdings record with the source = FOLIO. We need to find out what is being done that links a Holdings record to an Instance record and/or MARC bib record currently. Any validation in place?
      • Determine what additional questions are needed to address development
      • Determine an approach and review with Folijet and Spitfire teams along with SA.

      Related Spike's page: Spike: MODSOURCE-274 Store MARC Holdings record

      Timebox: up to 5 days

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