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Instance "Updated" status is not showing in the UI log



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      Overview: When instance is updated without an explicit Update Instance action in the

      Current workaround: None

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Inventory/Z39.50
      3. Edit the OCLC setup to add Authentication value of 100473910/PAOLF and save it
      4. Go to Inventory
      5. Select Actions/Import
      6. Make sure that it says "Enter OCLC WorldCat Identifier" and enter 1032262463
      7. Once the record is imported, view the Instance and View source to ensure the record was created.
      8. Close that and on the Detail view record, go to Actions/Overlay
      9. Paste 51161140 into the identifier field
      10. Once the Instance has been overlaid, view the Instance and Source record to confirm that all fields except for the 001 and 999 ff have been updated.
      11. Then go to Data Import
      12. Click "View all" at the top right of the screen, to see the complete log history.
      13. Find the most recent log entry which will say "No file name", 1 record, and the profile used was "Inventory Single Record - Default Update Instance"
      14. Click on the "no file name" area to display the summary for the 1 imported record
      15. View the values in the SRS MARC Bib and Instance columns

      Expected Results: The user should see Updated in both the SRS MARC Bib and Instance columns

      Actual Results: The SRS MARC Bib column shows Created and the Instance column shows nothing

      Additional Information: See attached screenshot

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